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Our Services

Private tutoring
Research shows that one-on-one tutoring improves motivation-related factors such as interest in the tutored subject (Siler & VanLehn, 2009). Treetop Tutoring offers customized learning solutions to meet the needs of your child. Whether your child could benefit from support with reading, writing or mathematics, or your child has been identified as gifted and talented and requires additional stimulation, we will develop a program to meet your needs. Your child will look forward to each active and engaging session with us. Each private tutoring session is led by Dr. Twigg and includes goal-setting and a take home action plan. 

Group Tutoring (ages 5+)
At Treetop Tutoring, social learning is encouraged in the group tutoring session format. Each group session is tailor-made to suit the children's learning needs in a relaxed and engaging environment led by Dr. Twigg. Parents can invite three or four of their children's friends along to participate in a group tutoring session. The focus of the session can be on a group or individual assignments for school or serve as a platform to enhance study skills.

Summer Tutoring
If you don't use it, you lose it, right? Summer is the ideal time to maintain and improve your child's literacy and mathematics skills. Treetop Tutoring offers customized summer tutoring sessions to focus on specific skill development and encourage reading for pleasure! Summer tutoring operates on a 'flex-schedule' in order to accommodate family vacations, summer camp and other activities. Contact us now for details on the 6-week Summer Tutoring Plan option.

Admissions Support
Every parent wants the best possible education for their children. Choosing a school for your child is only the beginning of the journey. Parents preparing their child for admissions into an independent school can benefit greatly from support in this process. Treetop Tutoring offers admission support consultation with Dr. Twigg, a former independent school teacher and member of the Admissions Board. Dr. Twigg will provide parents with insight into the admissions process, and offer customized tips and strategies for children preparing for admissions testing.

Parent Education 
As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. Be prepared for every phase of your child's development with support from Dr. Twigg. Each parent education offering is designed to equip parents with evidence-based information on a range of education topics in a safe and supportive environment. Seminars are run in different formats, inlcuding one-off events or in a series, to meet the needs of participants. Virtual and/or in-person offerings have limited class sizes to ensure maximum participation. Day and evening offerings are available. Customized presentations for mother's groups and local organizations (i.e., PTA/PTO, charity functions) are available upon request. Contact us today for more information on the upcoming schedule of parent education offerings in your area. 

Has your child recently changed schools? Are you concerned about your child's report card? Do you want to give your child a flying start to their education? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are invited to contact Dr. Twigg for a consultation appointment. During the consultation, Dr. Twigg will provide guidance for your child's education based on his/her previous experiences, current needs and future aspirations. Please email Treetop Tutoring to schedule an appointment and get more information today:

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